SSCSHOF News and Membership Dues

Yes– Dues for 2022 are now payable please respond today:

PO BOX 541
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Reminder: Please send your Dues (same as last year: $20.00) and any additional contribution to the address above. (Treasurer is Steve Oldt)

Your Dues include future news letters from our Chapter and mailings from the Pennsylvania State Chapter with a ballot and voting privilege on State Chapter nomination candidates. Also as a South Central Chapter member you will receive discounts on Chapter dinners and induction banquets events as well as the ability to summit applications for inductees in the Chapter.

Chapter President Darwin Breaux and the Executive Committee have decided  to work on a reorganization of the Chapter and make changes and improvements for the future. As part of that change, the induction Banquet of 2020 was moved into the second quarter of this year. New applications for inductions will be received into the fall of 2021.

Our Chapter membership continues to grow and serve Athletics in the South Central area with the Executive Committee focused on improvements for the future.  Please feel free to share our website and this newsletter with your friends and neighbors.

Darwin Breaux, President